Experiments In Bitcoin

Earlier today I got in to discussing Bitcoin Arbitrage with a mate of mine, with the cunning plan of creating a bot to monitor different exchanges and profit on the difference in trading prices. After an analysis this was deemed a silly idea, or conversely we aren’t good enough, as moving real money or bitcoins […]

10 Most Used Linux Commands

Whilst skimming my Bash history today looking for an esoteric one liner I’d written earlier I started to ponder what my most used commands were, it’s easy enough to find out! This is actually output from my Mac, not a Linux box, I tricked you 😀 Chill:~ rus$ history | awk {‘print $2’} | sort […]

Syntax Highlighting In VIm

Syntax highlighting in vim can be super tricky, by default a lot of desktop environments seem to have white terminals, which is a bit dumb as it’s easier to read white on black than black on white, as such the default vim syntax highlighting is often unreadable if you have a black terminal, giving blue […]

Iptables Block Outgoing Traffic

We need to give one of our customers to an internal server, for this we’ve enabled remote SSH access. Even though we trust them we don’t want anyone to use the server as a launchpad to attack other remote servers, or a launch pad to attack internal servers for that matter, in case their account […]

BackupPC ping too slow

Whilst adding a new remote server to our BackupPC configuration, it threw the following error Contents of file /Volumes/2TB/backuppc/pc/www.server.co.uk/LOG.102011, modified 2011-10-25 13:10:23 2011-10-25 12:00:00 ping too slow: 22.21msec 2011-10-25 13:00:01 ping too slow: 49.63msec 2011-10-25 13:10:23 ping too slow: 47.79msec and refusing to back up the server! After browsing the documentation I discovered the following […]

Linux Command Line AVI Repair

Recently I had an avi file with a broken index that needed to be repaired. After a quick search and read of some man pages I discovered these handy flags for mencoder to get the job done! mencoder -idx homemovie.avi -ovc copy -oac copy -o homemovie-repaired.avi bamo!

Changing A DRAC Password On The Command Line With racadm

All Dell DRACs come with a default account set up as root / calvin which is a huge security risk if left! The web interface doesn’t let you change the password but the firmware does when you boot the server. A second way to change the password is with the racadm tool, if installed, at […]

SVN Rolling Back A Commit To A File

I needed to roll back an SVN commit done recently to an init script for one of our daemons, it’s a very easy process! First we need to see what the latest revision number of the file that we want to roll back is Chill:files idimmu$ svn info slee Path: slee Name: slee URL: https://svn.idimmu.net/msu/trunk/puppet/modules/jnetxslee/files/slee […]

Keeping Linux Users In A MySQL Database With libpam-mysql On Ubuntu

I want to have a set of users on my Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx box managed by MySQL, rather than LDAP for a change which means delving in to the sexy world that is libpam-mysql! As ever, the first thing that we need are packages! Remember when installing mysql-server to set a strong root MySQL […]

Disk Quotas On Ubuntu

I’ve recently needed to add disk usage quotas to a server in order to limit how much data users can store so as not to affect the quality of service for other users. Linux has a method called quota which can help you do this. Ubuntu provides some packaged tools which let you manage quotas […]