The White Temple Wat Rong Khun In Chiang Rai

To the east of Chiang Mai is another city called Chiang Rai who’s main claim to fame is the beautiful White Temple, Wat Rong Khun. As I’ve no plans to be back in the north of Thailand any time soon, now seemed like a great time for me to visit. Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai […]

Christmas In Chiang Mai

Thailand doesn’t really do Christmas so everywhere was open which made it a very interesting day indeed! Christmas Lunch At Coffee Monster In the Phuket Central Festival food hall they were selling Waitrose Christmas puddings, so for a bit of home from home I bought one of each for the total sum of 2000 Baht […]

Scuba Diving In Phuket

There’s not much to do on Soi Ta Aed, the road Tiger Muay Thai is on, other than train, eat and get massages so I’ve been escaping out to sea with the help of Phuket Dive Tours and its awesome owner Dave. Phuket Dive Tours 10/10 Soi Ta Aed, Chalong, Phuket, 83130 Phone: +66 […]

Places To Eat Near Tiger Muay Thai

There are a lot of places to eat around Tiger Muay Thai, all selling healthy things to eat. There are a quite a few cheap, small restaurants and shacks selling traditional Thai food and I think every hotel probably has it’s own restaurant too. The hotels are more expensive though. Most places sell some variety […]

The SEA Coworking Space

The road Tiger Muay Thai and Signature Phuket are on is having extensive roadworks today, with power and water outages. This means no training, as I can’t shower afterwards and no Internet as there’s no electricity, so I’ve headed out to a co-working space to get some work done. The SEA Coworking Space The SEA […]

Living It Up In Chiang Mai

As everyone at the Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat had such an incredible week, Anton and Johnny wanted to show everyone how they celebrate reaching their sales goals for the month and took us all to the Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai. Apparently it costs between $400 – $800 a night to stay there, but […]

Posting Mail In Chiang Mai

If you need to mail a postcard or a parcel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, there are two helpful places in the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center in town. Mailing A Post Card In Chiang Mai On the 3rd floor of Maya there is an awesome little book shop called Asia Books. These guys will sell you […]

Buying Online Games In Thailand

One of the things I didn’t account for in Thailand is how complicated it is to buy things online. I’m guessing this isn’t just an issue in Thailand but more a global problem when making online purchases abroad. It is the rainy season in Thailand which means some times, like the last couple of days, […]

How To Properly Clean Boxing Gloves

This week has been pretty interesting. Now that I’m settled in to an actual routine and have made some friends I’ve been capitalising on the free time I have and making more of it. At least when we’re not in the middle of a torrential rain storm. How To Properly Clean Boxing Gloves The guys […]

Taled Kaset Phuket Night Market

The Taled Kaset Phuket Night Market is the largest night market in Phuket, loaded with food from different cultures as well as hilariously cheap knock off goods. The first part of the market was rows and rows of little stalls and cubby holes selling either cheap Thai or tourist clothing, or cheap knock off sunglasses […]