yum error: Couldn’t fork Cannot allocate memory

I’ve been doing some awesome things to a new VM for work, namely installing CouchDB, Apache and running Node.JS apps along side a WordPress plugin using Angular.JS. It’s pretty cool. But computer’s are dicks so when it came down to installing Monit to ensure everything was lovely I got the following error: Couldn’t fork %pre(monit-5.5-1.el6.rf.x86_64): […]

Speeding Up MDADM RAID Rebuilds

I’m slowly migrating a bunch of awesome things from a really old server, it’s still running Ubuntu 10.04.. to a really nice and shiny one. Which has 2 new 3TB HDDs in RAID 1, which are syncing.. cat /proc/mdstat md3 : active raid1 sda4[0] sdb4[1] 1847478528 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU] [>………………..] resync = 0.1% […]

authorized_keys vs authorized_keys2

Earlier today I was setting up a brand new server for a migration and just as I was typing scp .ssh/authorized_keys2 my brain went and asked a question.. What is the difference between authorized_keys and authorized_keys2? I’ve been working with Linux for well over a decade and some of my practices stem from things I […]

do-release-upgrade Checking for a new Ubuntu release No new release found

My HTPC is almost appliance like, in the way I never upgrade it, i.e. this morning it was still running Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal… It’s also not very appliance like in that it’s also full of random development stuff that probably shouldn’t be on it as well as several different types of databases, my backup […]

sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

We’re using an old version of Upstart, on Centos, to manage stopping and starting our Node.js daemons, and one of the things the script does, like any good deamon, is change the user of the deamon process from root to something more applicable, security and all that 😉 The scripts look a little like this […]

pv – Pipe Viewer – My New Favourite Command Line Tool

I’ve got a rather large dataset that I need to do a lot of processing on, over several iterations, it’s a 20gb zip file, flat text, and I’m impatient and don’t like not knowing things! My new favourite Linux command line tool, pv (pipe viewer) is totally awesome. Check this out:         […]

Enable Linux Core Dump

One of our applications (Freeswitch) just randomly crashed for no apparent reason and didn’t write anything to it’s log files. The service we’re trialling is currently in Beta so there’s room to muck about and do some diagnostics. I want to make the kernel dump a core file whenever Freeswitch dies, in case it happens […]

CouchDB {“error”:”insecure_rewrite_rule”,”reason”:”too many ../.. segments”}

Whilst working an AMAZING NPM repository mirror yesterday (which totally works, despite not really offering the performance benefit I’d hoped, because NPM is rubbish) I came across this error whilst doing things                     16 http GET https://localhost:5984/registry/_design/app/_rewrite/-/all/since?stale=update_after&startkey=1371737164294 17 http 500 https://localhost:5984/registry/_design/app/_rewrite/-/all/since?stale=update_after&startkey=1371737164294 18 error Error: insecure_rewrite_rule too […]

Think Carefully About Your Clever Project Names

We’re building a new exciting cluster at work using Linux HA and stuff to make it work magically. In the olden days of yore RedHat and co were using Pacemaker with the old crm (Cluster Resource Manager / Cluster Relationship Manager, pick one..) tool for cluster management, which was nice. Now it looks like RedHat […]

Installing Magento

One of my clients wanted an E-Commerce solution for his website and after a little bit of analysis we opted for the community edition of Magento. We wanted something based on the usual LAMP stack, that was OpenSource so it could be extended, was free as in beer, had great international support, was fully featured […]