Adsense 2014 April Fools

It’s nice to see that doesn’t just have a global audience but a solar system wide audience too! 62.% of my site’s earnings come from Europa, thanks for the heads up, Google and happy April fools to you guys too 🙂

Google Is Becoming Less Relevant

Back in September Google released it’s new Hummingbird algorithm, apparently affecting 90% of search queries, as it strives for greater accuracy and more relevant results. Aimed at ‘conversational searches’, like what is the best cake? rather than simple terms such as best cake. (when is the last time you made a search request like that?) […]

Niche Site Duel 2 Participation

Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income has just announced the launch of his Niche Site Duel 2 project, and as I kind of called him out a few month ago in my first (stalled) Income Report causing a WordPress ‘ping back’ and his mate Blake to pop in and say hi 😀 Rather than […]