Niche Site Duel 2 Participation

Niche Site Duel 2 Participation

Niche Site Duel 2 Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income has just announced the launch of his Niche Site Duel 2 project, and as I kind of called him out a few month ago in my first (stalled) Income Report causing a WordPress ‘ping back’ and his mate Blake to pop in and say hi 😀 Rather than be a massive cynic, I thought I’d give them another dofollow backlink and join in with his new project!

Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn – How can you resist that smile? And he’s holding a baby!

But Why??

Ok enough jokes, I’m sure Pat’s lovely and I’ve actually got mad respect for the results he got with the Insanity work out. (OMG so much link juice …). I’m doing this because I’ve tried, and failed, to monetise I don’t really mind, I enjoy writing about burgers and logging the dumb stuff I do at work so I don’t forget about it, this site was never a project to make money, it was started, quite literally, to be an online memory replacement service due to my inadequate brain, and more often than not, I do actually Google myself in order to remember how to fix iptables or setup ldap!

So, sure I like the idea of some passive income, and I like to do things with other people, so rather than strike it out on my own I’m going to join in with Pat’s challenge! Although I’m gutted I’m late to the party so can’t be part of his Mastermind Learning Group (TM).

WTF Are You Talking About?

Ok so here’s the thing the name of the game is this:

  • Pick a keywords
  • Create a niche site around it
  • ..
  • Profit

It reminds me of the underpant gnomes.

Patt’s mentioned a selection process here for his keyword, which I’ve followed!

So, What Is My Keyword?

I’m not telling you that, I’m also not sending it to Pat 😀

Pat’s considering using best minivan as his keyword, which is currently ranking this in the #1 spot for me!

However I will tell you this, I’ve actually picked 2 keywords, because I’m actually going to make 2 sites at the same time! Both keywords are in different niches and are totally awesome. I’ve registered 2 domain names and I’ve created a BlueHost account to host them!

As a proof of work I’m going to mention some hashes in a random order, 2 of them are for the 2 domains ive bought and 2 of them are for my keywords! Random, different, salts have been used for each string just in case someone wants to hire the entire of Amazon’s cloud service to brute force them!


When the time comes, the domain names and the keywords might be revealed 😉

To everyone taking part, good luck!

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