9 Months In Thailand

My triple entry Thai visa has been used and abused, I’m all out of entries and it’s completely expired so after first coming to Thailand on September 1st 2014, I left for Oslo on May 10th 2015 to meet a friend of mine and for operation Europe! Weightloss I got weighed recently and was down […]

Adsense 2014 April Fools

It’s nice to see that idimmu.net doesn’t just have a global audience but a solar system wide audience too! 62.% of my site’s earnings come from Europa, thanks for the heads up, Google and happy April fools to you guys too 🙂

How To Take Control Of Another Computer

There are several things to think about when taking control of another computer, the Operating System running on it, the speed of your network connection and the tools you have at your disposal. How To Take Control Of Another Computer Operating System There are 3 main choices of Operating system that the computer you want […]

Income Report March 2013

Following on from last month’s report March was quite an interesting month. Changing perspective from using this site as a simple memory dump to one that people, other than myself, would find useful lead to some interesting usage patterns, from both myself and my visitors as well as some changes to the blog! Due to […]

Income Report February 2013

This blog is and has always been a blog of integrity, righteousness. A stalwart blog where I document my IT struggles and things I like to eat. Basically a combination of everything I hate in the world and everything I love, all in one place. And it’s going to remain that way. I will never […]