Income Report February 2013

This blog is and has always been a blog of integrity, righteousness. A stalwart blog where I document my IT struggles and things I like to eat. Basically a combination of everything I hate in the world and everything I love, all in one place. And it’s going to remain that way. I will never sell out!

I like to read the Internet sometimes, I think I’m about half way through and so far nothing’s happened. But over the last few weeks I’ve been reading Smart Passive Income, basically a blog where some guy allegedly makes $50kpm by telling other people that he’s er .. making $50kpm. I think he’s making shit up personally, but it’s kind of inspiring. I’ve had Adsense running on this site for 2 years I think now, maybe more, who knows, and strangely I’m not retired and am still getting my fists dirty with magical computer machines. This blog has become amusingly popular though, although I don’t have a hardcore following it’s nice to read the odd comment about how I’ve helped someone create a Yum repository.

Anyway as an experiment, I’ve never tried this affiliate marketing thing before, so I’ve decided to document the process on this site and have a whirl. As such on a few of my pages I’ve added affiliate links to books I’ve read (honestly, I have actually read them, we’ve pretty much got the entire O’Reilly catalogue in our current office and everyone around me is stupid so it’s not like I’ve anyone I can ask for help, well other than that one guy who’s really smart but he just tells me to go away).

Now Commission Junction, the affiliate I’m trying out, in conjunction with O’Reilly, will give me a whopping 5% of whatever revenue I generate for them, which is pretty bad ass. I’ve run the numbers! Adsense reckons I got 3889 page views in February, Analytics reckons 4,542, Awstats reckons 6332 unique visitors, I’m going to go with the Awstats metric as Apache logs don’t lie. If 1% of 6332 people click through to an affiliate (63.32 people), and 1% of those guys buy a book (0.6332 people) at say $30 (making me $1.5) I’ll make $0.94 a month! Over a year that might even hit $10 in which case I can retire to Zimbabwe.

Anyway enough rambling, lets get on with the magic and proudly broadcast to the world how minted I am off a blog focusing on my work life and local burgers.

February 2013 Income Report

Unique Visitors: 6332
Adsense Clicks: 1
Adsense: £0.33

Hell yeah! I’m bringing home the bacon! I will be excited to see what next month brings!

  1. Rus, Pat is not making that income up. Of course he is not paying me. I don’t kiss arse. His blog is his main earner. He has a link from an interview on new york times (or new york post, I cannot remember). Also, look at the amount of comments he gets on his blog. It is a lot, that means that he gets a lot of traffic. ALso, Pat is very helpful and kind of transparent.

  2. Hey blake, yeah his blog is hugely successful, really motivating, has great content and a fantastic community. Posting income reports is almost a niche, or marketing technique, in itself and I’m going to leave a little room for skepticism. I’m really impressed with his results doing Insanity/P90X though. I wish him the best and will definitely be taking the great advice he offers on board for this site 🙂

  3. What I don’t get about Pat’s income is how he is making $31.2k (January) as an affiliate for bluehost, just with a youtube video?

  4. Unless he’s on a special deal, or getting residuals, Bluehost are paying $65 per referral to affiliates, which is 480 conversions in that month! His video has had 62000 views since October 2009, which is only an average of 140 views a month.. but I’m not sure embedded videos increase that count?

    Pat does have at least 500 referral links to Bluehost across his site though so maybe it’s not all just from the video… I wonder what his traffic is like..

    What is interesting is that the majority of his historic followers, who’ve left back links in their comments, at a cursory glance are linking to Online Marketing/SEO/Passive Income websites that no longer exist almost like he’s selling an idea that doesn’t work ..

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