Discovering The South Of Morocco

Spain’s starting to get cold and is losing it’s sunshine, also I want to get back to a never ending summer, so I decided to spend a month in Morocco to learn more about this beautiful country. Surfing in Tamraght Taghazout is the most famous surfing destination in Morocco, but it’s tiny, lost it’s hippy […]

Hong Kong – The Worst Of 80s London

I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t drink, or because I stayed in the completely wrong area of Hong Kong, but my week here was not as fun as I had expected and super expensive. A lot of my friends completely love Hong Kong, I’ve friends that were born and raised here then moved […]

Singapore – Grab Taxi Or Die

Just before Christmas I needed to leave Thailand on a visa run as I’d done my 30 day VOA + Extension so after much humming and harring, as I didn’t really want to leave, the day before I booked a weekend in Singapore! It was pretty awesome. The first thing I noticed though, getting a […]

Barcelona – The Entrepreneur House with Chris Reynolds

The entire purpose of my European rail adventure was to head down to Barcelona, Spain, to live in one of Chris Reynold’s Entrepreneur Houses for 4 months, get some serious work done and get a handle on my type 2 diabetes situation. The premise was simple, at any time 10-15 entrepreneurs were living together as […]

Switzerland, Zurich – Everything Was Closed

After a fantastic time in Vienna, Austria, it was time to get the train again to Zurich, Switzerland. By this point I was really in love with the train and the countryside in this area of the world was beautiful. It was so easy to sit back and let the world go by whilst I […]

Austria, Vienna – This Means Nothing To Me

Vienna was definitely one of the coolest cities I went through as I traveled, and I didn’t even get to scratch the surface. After a beautiful 8 hour train journey from Hamburg, Germany, I landed in the capital of Austria only to discover it was Eurovision that day and everywhere was full. Other than possibly […]

Copenhagen – The Happiest Place On Earth

Copenhagen is continuously voted the happiest place to live in the world. Some attribute this to the social system that takes care of everyone, others say it’s due to the lack of corruption in the government. Definitely 2 things the US and the UK need to learn from. I say it’s because they are quite […]


After Norway it was a short rail trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, which was a lot of fun. I did the super tourist thing and went on all the tourist buses and boat excursions etc. to see the city. The city itself was beautiful and the boat tour followed all the canals and even went out […]

Norway – The Home Of Black Metal

After a really nice flight with Norwegian on their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner I landed in Oslo, Norway on Sunday 11th May and the difference hit me in the face with a POW. First up I was still wearing shorts, and it was freezing cold when I landed. Secondly, going from one of the cheapest […]