Austria, Vienna – This Means Nothing To Me

Vienna was definitely one of the coolest cities I went through as I traveled, and I didn’t even get to scratch the surface. After a beautiful 8 hour train journey from Hamburg, Germany, I landed in the capital of Austria only to discover it was Eurovision that day and everywhere was full. Other than possibly one of the most expensive hotels in the area so I had little choice in the matter and had to stay in a gorgeous $500 a night suite 😀

Double unfortunately, by the time I’d checked in, I was far too tired to head in to town for the free Eurovision celebrations. The 7 Ps springs to mind ..

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

at least the suite meant I had access to the VIP business lounge, super fast wifi and included breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets with all the alcohol I could drink.

Like the rest of Europe, it was overcast and rainy the entire time but omg, what an amazing city. There were countless beautiful palaces and museums that I didn’t have enough time to visit. The city is definitely one for couples that want to have a romantic gettaway escape and soak up the culture.

Food In Vienna

Restaurants in Vienna offer amazing food. They have a famous Viennese cake, which was a chocolate taste sensation, as well as numerous ways of serving beef which were all awesome.

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