The Albert Burger – Best Burger in Brighton?

It’s rare that I’m genuinely in shock and awe of something, but that’s how I felt last night in The Albert, down under Brighton train station! The menu came with a crazy amount of options, so for the burger I added bacon and cheese and for the chips, thick cut rather than skinny and chilli […]

Burger At The Thomas Kemp

Last week I helped a friend of mine move house, and in return he also let me buy him dinner .. He lives up near the Thomas Kemp and I hadn’t been there for a while so it was pretty much set in stone what I’d be eating. From their menu description: Thomas Kemp Beef […]

Burger At The Seven Stars

I recently went to the Seven Stars for a lunch burger on a hangover day at work. It was the worst burger experience of my life and I wasn’t going to write it up due to the hangover but I’ve been assured that it wasn’t how I felt, the food was actually terrible, so here […]

Sidey Burger at the Sidewinder

I accidently ended up at the Sidewinder in Brighton and realised I haven’t had their burger in a while so couldn’t say no as I was starving 😀 They have several different burgers, the 2 main ones being their Classic and the Sidey. ‘Why settle?’ is one of my motos so I opted for the […]

Cheese and Bacon Burger at The Victory

Recently I went to The Victory with some mates and watched as they ate an epic burger in front of it, so when I went back recently I had no choice but to investigate! I opted for the bacon and cheese accessories, of course, and it comes with a massive portion of straight cut fries […]

Chili Burger With Cheese at The Royal Pavilion Tavern

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, aka Pav Tav, is a pretty popular student venue in the evenings, but lunch time, on a Saturday, it’s mostly OAPs, but they do beer and a burger for £4.99 so it had to be tried, especially as I’m working today! I opted for the Chilli Burger with Cheese and a […]

Beer and a gourmet burger at the Wetherspoons

It’s a Friday and traditionally everyone goes to the pub for lunch as a precursor to what will be a fantastic weekend! A new Wetherspoons opened up near us recently and I was looking forwards to trying a Gourmet Burger from them as I’d had one of their normal burgers before and quite enjoyed it! […]

Beer and a burger at the Wahoo bar

We decided to go and watch the football at the Wahoo bar yesterday and I saw their beer and a burger for £4.99 offer and couldn’t say no! For £4.99 you get a burger on a white bun, loaded with salad, gerkins, 2 hash browns and a side portion of chips. You also get a […]

Burger At The Mash Tun

For lunch today we all decided to go to the Mash Tun pub. I argued blind that they didn’t do any food, but it turns out, fortunately, that they did! I had a most fantastic burger, which was almost the size of my pint glass. The patty was really nicely flavoured, with onions and green […]