Beer and a gourmet burger at the Wetherspoons

Beer and a gourmet burger at the Wetherspoons

It’s a Friday and traditionally everyone goes to the pub for lunch as a precursor to what will be a fantastic weekend! A new Wetherspoons opened up near us recently and I was looking forwards to trying a Gourmet Burger from them as I’d had one of their normal burgers before and quite enjoyed it!

It’s a 6oz burger, made from British beef, and from their description:

Topped with two bacon slices and a Stilton, Shropshire blue and spring onion sauce. Includes six beer-battered whole onion rings.

The important thing to note is the 1828 kcal the burger has.. this is the kind of meal where you don’t eat anything for the rest of the day!

The price including a beer, I opted for a Tuborg but I didn’t drink it, came to £7.20 which is not as cheap as the burger from the Wahoo bar but still very reasonable. Instead of the beer I had a lime and soda, which was free.

3 onion rings were located inside the burger, and three were on the side. There was a small pot of relish which wasn’t very exciting so I added vinegar, mustard and mayonnaise 😉

The burger was pretty tall, and was actually as wide as the bun, so there were no empty mouth fulls of bread going on, however it must be noted that it comes with a cheese sauce, and not a slice of cheese, which made it very messy to eat, but it was delicious. It also had lettuce and tomato in it, which made me feel a little healthier but didn’t really add to the taste or sensation whilst eating it, it could have done with some gerkins.

The chips were rubbish, they felt like cheap oven chips, no crunch and no fluffy insides, just dense pieces of seasoned potato.

All in all I was pleased with the burger, but probably will not be eating it again due to the unnecessarily high calorific content. Ignorance is bliss and in future I will be eating something less indulgent, or at least something I don’t know the nutritional information of!

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