Ho Chi Minh Is The Digital Nomad College

That’s how Ho Chi Minh was described to me. If Chiang Mai is high school then Ho Chi Minh is college for digital nomads, and it certainly felt that way as everyone I met was a lot further in to their career path than the people I met in Chiang Mai. Ho Chi Minh is […]

The Albert Burger – Best Burger in Brighton?

It’s rare that I’m genuinely in shock and awe of something, but that’s how I felt last night in The Albert, down under Brighton train station! The menu came with a crazy amount of options, so for the burger I added bacon and cheese and for the chips, thick cut rather than skinny and chilli […]

Burger At The Thomas Kemp

Last week I helped a friend of mine move house, and in return he also let me buy him dinner .. He lives up near the Thomas Kemp and I hadn’t been there for a while so it was pretty much set in stone what I’d be eating. From their menu description: Thomas Kemp Beef […]

Burger At The Seven Stars

I recently went to the Seven Stars for a lunch burger on a hangover day at work. It was the worst burger experience of my life and I wasn’t going to write it up due to the hangover but I’ve been assured that it wasn’t how I felt, the food was actually terrible, so here […]

Sidey Burger at the Sidewinder

I accidently ended up at the Sidewinder in Brighton and realised I haven’t had their burger in a while so couldn’t say no as I was starving 😀 They have several different burgers, the 2 main ones being their Classic and the Sidey. ‘Why settle?’ is one of my motos so I opted for the […]

Cheese and Bacon Burger at The Victory

Recently I went to The Victory with some mates and watched as they ate an epic burger in front of it, so when I went back recently I had no choice but to investigate! I opted for the bacon and cheese accessories, of course, and it comes with a massive portion of straight cut fries […]

Chili Burger With Cheese at The Royal Pavilion Tavern

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, aka Pav Tav, is a pretty popular student venue in the evenings, but lunch time, on a Saturday, it’s mostly OAPs, but they do beer and a burger for £4.99 so it had to be tried, especially as I’m working today! I opted for the Chilli Burger with Cheese and a […]

Beer and a gourmet burger at the Wetherspoons

It’s a Friday and traditionally everyone goes to the pub for lunch as a precursor to what will be a fantastic weekend! A new Wetherspoons opened up near us recently and I was looking forwards to trying a Gourmet Burger from them as I’d had one of their normal burgers before and quite enjoyed it! […]

Beer and a burger at the Wahoo bar

We decided to go and watch the football at the Wahoo bar yesterday and I saw their beer and a burger for £4.99 offer and couldn’t say no! For £4.99 you get a burger on a white bun, loaded with salad, gerkins, 2 hash browns and a side portion of chips. You also get a […]

Burger At The Mash Tun

For lunch today we all decided to go to the Mash Tun pub. I argued blind that they didn’t do any food, but it turns out, fortunately, that they did! I had a most fantastic burger, which was almost the size of my pint glass. The patty was really nicely flavoured, with onions and green […]