Cheese and Bacon Burger at The Victory

Recently I went to The Victory with some mates and watched as they ate an epic burger in front of it, so when I went back recently I had no choice but to investigate!

I opted for the bacon and cheese accessories, of course, and it comes with a massive portion of straight cut fries on the side and a small pot of bbq sauce too!

This was the first burger I’ve tried in a long time that I actually had to eat with a knife and fork. It was completely impossible for me to get any of it in my mouth, so I opted for the cutlery option rather than the messy option, I don’t feel this impaired my experience at all.

The bread was delicious, and the salad was fresh, there was lettuce and tomato involved. The burger was delicious, very flavourful, and it was huge. The chips were entirely unnecessary and I would have been very happy with out them, but being the person that I am, I pretty much ate them all anyway even though just the burger filled me up. The chips weren’t great, typical thin fries, and let the burger down a little, but again not really a problem.

Would I eat there again? Definitely, but I’d take a crew of people with me to palm the chips off to 🙂

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