Hi, I’m Rus

I’m a successful Amazon seller and the co-founder and CTO of the B2B SaaS solution for product sourcing, Importist.

From systems administrator to senior developer, team lead, CTO and founder, I’ve touched on every point across the complete tech lifecycle of numerous SaaS businesses since the start of my career in 2002. With my Comp Sci BSc and Internet Systems MSc I also have a foundation in the underlaying principles that all computing infrastructure operates on, enabling me to make decisions at the byte and bit level across the whole platform.

After successfully leading the team that delivered the orchestration, monitoring and management infrastructure to run BT’s Enterprise MeetMe2 21st Century Call Conferencing platform, a globally distributed SIP service, integrated with Dolby audio, with complete automated testing, deployment and failover, I then went on to engage with the Drum collaboration project as senior developer, creating a SIP and RTP software solution that rivalled commodity hardware solutions in both price and performance.

Leaving the corporate world to start my own physical product business, selling internationally across 7 countries on both Amazon marketplaces and my own e-commerce platforms, I created Amazooka, my own software solution to track important, business critical KPIs which later was released as a SaaS project in it’s own right. Eventually raising investment from sellers and manufactures in both America and China before being acquired.

As a fire dancer with Poi Passion and Juggletastic I regularly participated in choreographed circus performances working with groups like No Fit State Circus to raise money for various charities.

Balancing out my passion for code with a love for exercise I’m also a keen hiker, regularly trying to beat last week’s Fitbit scores with his most challenging hike trekking across the West Highland Way in Scotland and then climbing Ben Nevis to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Always up for a challenge I’ve also completed the Mongol Rally, driving across 19 countries and raising money for orphans.

I’m a keen traveler as I believe being exposed to more cultures, people and ideas helps shape a more respectful and appreciable world perspective but after 48 countries I’m happy and excited to have found a home in Valencia, Spain.

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