Building A Virtual Reality Social Network For Digital Nomads

Being a digital nomad, remote employee or perpetual traveller creates as many problems as it solves. Swapping the stability of the office and home environment for a life of travel and adventure on the road also swaps the stability of a supportive, social circle of friends and growth for a multitude of single serving friends, […]

Why I am dropping Bitcasa for Arq as my cloud backup solution

I’ve been using Bitcasa as a cloud backup solution as I work for about 16 months now. Initially they were great, I’d synced about 260gb of photos and work data to them before I left the UK and everything was running smoothly. I felt secure that my laptop backups were working and my data was […]

Connecting With Other Digital Nomads

If you’re a digital nomad, meeting other nomads and entrepreneurs as you travel should be pretty high on your agenda. The benefits of tapping in to the accumulated wealth of local and business knowledge will make a huge difference to your travelling experience and potentially open you up to new business ideas and opportunities you […]

Is An InterRail Pass Worth It?

I’m planning a 4 month journey across Europe, from Oslo, through Poland to Russia, overland, so either rains or buses, and one of the questions in my mind is: Is An InterRail Pass Worth It? What Is An InterRail Pass? An InterRail pass is a train ticket that lets Europeans travel across Europe by train […]

Travelling With High Blood Pressure

The biggest reason for my trip to Phuket and Tiger Muay Thai is to relax, rejuvenate my health and kick myself back in to the shape I used to be. At the moment I am suffering from High Blood Pressure which hopefully will sort itself with eating healthily and regular exercise. Travel Insurance For High […]