Financial Responsibility

I’m a massive advocate of personal responsibility and accountability, in all things, especially when it comes to health and finances. But I didn’t always use to be this way. After graduating with 2 degrees I didn’t want to do and entering the job market out of necessity rather than choice, I ended up keeping up […]

EthicHub Investment Platform

What Is EthicHub? EthicHub was formed in 2017 and is a crowdsourced lending platform, offering approximately 15% APR on investments of as little as €20. EthicHub, for now, is focusing on the coffee growing communities near the city of Tapachula in the Chiapas state of Mexico. Chiapas Mexican Coffee Chiapas coffee is some of the […]

Boosting Remote Team Morale During The Coronavirus Pandemic

At the best of times, running a remote team is hard. At the moment the world is battling the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, more and more workers are working from home instead of going to an office. People are in quarantine, unable to go outside and socialise. A lot of what was working before now isn’t, […]

Where Do You Get Your Information From?

Whilst working along side CEO and designer Jon Myers a common conversation thread that would emerge was “Where do you get your information from?”. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are “The average of the five people we spend the most time with”. A similar philosophy can be applied to the information we absorb. Limiting the scope […]

The Daily Mail Is Banned In Thailand

Seriously, if I try and visit any pages on I get the awesome error in the image to my left. This is probably for the best for a variety of reasons 🙂 When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Pancakes It was inevitable that at some point in Thailand I’d fall ill with some kind […]

Downsizing And Travelling Light With A Kindle

I love reading but reading for myself is something that only happens nowadays if I go on holiday. There’s far too much work related material to read instead. One of the things I want to do is read more, and for myself. There are at least a dozen books going dusty that I haven’t read […]

SVN Rolling Back A Commit To A File

I needed to roll back an SVN commit done recently to an init script for one of our daemons, it’s a very easy process! First we need to see what the latest revision number of the file that we want to roll back is Chill:files idimmu$ svn info slee Path: slee Name: slee URL: […]

Keeping Linux Users In A MySQL Database With libpam-mysql On Ubuntu

I want to have a set of users on my Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx box managed by MySQL, rather than LDAP for a change which means delving in to the sexy world that is libpam-mysql! As ever, the first thing that we need are packages! Remember when installing mysql-server to set a strong root MySQL […]

Disk Quotas On Ubuntu

I’ve recently needed to add disk usage quotas to a server in order to limit how much data users can store so as not to affect the quality of service for other users. Linux has a method called quota which can help you do this. Ubuntu provides some packaged tools which let you manage quotas […]

Delete Linux MBR

We run a build system using PXE and Puppet which lets us reliably and quickly set up production and development environments on our servers and maintain their consistency. Every now and again we need to wipe the MBR of a Linux box in order to reboot it so it can PXE boot and reinstall itself. […]