KOOLSTOF Carbon Fiber Money Clip Review

Usually in the UK I carry a leather bifold wallet with a dozen cards, driving license, etc and if I’m lucky, some cash. This was fine then when I was wearing jeans with 4 pockets or a coat, but out here I seem to live in board shorts that only have one small side pocket […]

Sony RX100 II Review

Whilst I have an iPhone 5s, which has a great camera and is very portable, sometimes I want to level up my photography so also bought a [amazon text=Sony RX100&asin=B00K7O2DJU] Mk 2. The Mk 3 is out now, which has a few bonus features but the principle and benefits are the same. The quality of […]

Silicon Power 64GB Jewel J80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Titanium Review

Having a USB stick on hand is always useful, especially as a digital nomad. I’m always meeting people and finding myself needing to share large files or photos. I seem to always be collaborating with someone about something new idea as we mastermind on projects, or finding myself simply swapping photographs of our shared experiences. […]

Gerber 22-01769 Shard Keychain Tool Review

The [amazon text=Gerber 22-01769 Shard Keychain Tool&asin=B002ZK45IQ] is one of the most useful, little pocket tools I’ve used. Whilst I’d like to be carrying something like a full on Leatherman multi-tool, the overly paranoid security agents won’t even let you take a cork screw on board a plane, let alone a swiss army knife. The […]

Lifeproof Nüüd iPhone 5s Case Review

I’m one of those people that likes to actually use things, rather than pamper them, and my phone is no exception. I also like a nice phone that isn’t covered in scratches and hasn’t experienced water damage. When I bought my iPhone 5s back in June last year (11 months ago) I knew that I’d […]