Is This The Most Important Script You’ll Ever Write?

Since my first IT job ever, I’ve taken part in a tradition started by the guy I was replacing. A tradition known to us as, and something people in my local Linux Administrator community have kept with for well over a decade now. The Most Important Script You’ll Ever Write? The first time I […] moves to WordPress!

As you can tell has undergone a fairly hefty overhaul and is now being managed by WordPress! This offers several advantages to me namely ease of maintenance (someone else is writing the code!!) code i write is now usable by other people learning wordpress properly is a new job/career skill no more lucene bridge! […]

Technorati Have Crappy Systems Designers

I’ve signed up to Technorati and to prove I own this blog they want me to post an entry with this code in it: 4VPEAZA86VHN or maybe this code 7W3G7P94H3PU They don’t seem to be sure and the email they sent me and their website both say something different .. Most sites that are better, […]

Damn caffeine

Well, I guess I’ve already broken one of my New Years resolutions although I don’t feel too bad about it. After a long stint of only drinking water in pubs (really bloody annoying) I had a diet coke .. not the end of the world. The spirit behind that resolution wasn’t really to completely give […]

New Years Resolutions

A lot of people hate the idea of new year resolutions, but if you want to make some changes and the fact it’s the start of a year will give you motivation, then so be it! Lets see how many I keep in 2009! Last year my resolution was to give up McDonalds, I only […]