Google Is So High On Adverts It’s Forgotten How To Search The Internet

So, I really like the song Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London, so on a whim I decided to try and see if there were any Linux Sysadmin roles going over there, I think there’s a huge oil industry out there and they must use computers, right?

linux systems administrator papua new guinea

Turns out the first search result returned matches because of the png file extension? Ok, that’s the TLA for Papua New Guinea but what .. that’s the most relevant result? Really Google?

I expect, with Google’s complete lack of ability, to probably end up page 1 for linux systems administrator papua new guinea even though this site is predominantly about beefburgers nowadays and not linux systems administration or Papua New Guinea!

I keep running in to stuff like this as I do fairly esoteric searches so I’m going to continually update this post with screenshots as I go (if I remember ( unlikely ( As an aside, it would be really cool if WordPress did bracket highlighting like VIM does … ) ) ) …

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