Why I’m Switching From Google To Bing

Google’s been shit for quite a while now but today I’m finally sick of it, so switching. Do they think I typed out the word barcelona for my health or something? Or maybe I’m using the Internet wrong (does the Internet actually come with a manual?). So they just decided, again, to drop one of […]

Google Is Becoming Less Relevant

Back in September Google released it’s new Hummingbird algorithm, apparently affecting 90% of search queries, as it strives for greater accuracy and more relevant results. Aimed at ‘conversational searches’, like what is the best cake? rather than simple terms such as best cake. (when is the last time you made a search request like that?) […]

google-apis-mavenized does not compile

I need to write some backup software for our hosted Google Apps, so as we’re a Java shop I’m going to be using the Java API. Also we’re heavy users of Hudson and Maven so want to get the checked out source building with that. There is a Google Code project called google-apis-mavenized which looks […]