Why I’m Switching From Google To Bing

Google’s been shit for quite a while now but today I’m finally sick of it, so switching.

Why I'm Switching From Google To Bing 1

Do they think I typed out the word barcelona for my health or something? Or maybe I’m using the Internet wrong (does the Internet actually come with a manual?). So they just decided, again, to drop one of the words I’m searching for, that give my search context, from the first results they provide. Ok, I could quote it. OR .. if I actually wanted matches that dont contain the word Barcelona i could prefix it with a – sign, so fuck that as an excuse.

Why I'm Switching From Google To Bing 2

Where as Bing actually gives me results that match what I’m searching for.

I don’t really have a choice in this matter, Google just flat out doesn’t work as a search engine any more with out jumping through extra unnecessary hoops that actually make it harder to use.

It’s one thing to try and make using search engines easier or more natural, it’s another thing to assume your users are so dumb that the right thing to do is discard 50% of the fucking characters they enter.

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