Results Of A 4 Wave Zonblast

Results Of A 4 Wave Zonblast

I launched a new product on Amazon recently that had taken a LOOONG time to develop and since day one of conception my plan was always to do a Zonblast with it and see what performance was like. So earlier this month, I did.

To give you some context, the new product I’m launching is a super competitive pharmaceutical with 55,000 products being returned for the exact match product name.

I did a 4 wave Zonblast, on Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th, Monday 30th August and Tuesday 1st September, giving away 75 coupons each day. The product usually retails at $34.99 and we provided coupons so it was available at $1.99

I use Amazooka to graph my products so I have quantifiable results to show! The Best Seller Rank immediately shot up, from around 28,000 to 1,000, then hovered between 1,000 – 2,000 for a few days before slowly starting to drop off. Proof BSR is more concerned with the number of items sold rather than the price of those items.

Results Of A 4 Wave Zonblast 1

All our keywords spiked, 4 days after we started, on Tuesday 1st September, which is super interesting. That’s quite the delay and I’m going to make the assumption that keyword ranking is still tied more to the amount of money you’re bringing in for Amazon rather than the number of units you’re selling.

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Results Of A 4 Wave Zonblast 3

Results Of A 4 Wave Zonblast 2

After the give away our current sales volume for this product is higher than before, increasing from 3-4 units a day to 7-10, for the moment. The overall trend is the product is slowly dropping though.

Results Of A 4 Wave Zonblast 8

The Dangers Of Zonblast

Something we noticed earlier this week, a seller called IWentPrime had appeared on our listing, selling our product, with a couple of units in stock. After looking at the other products they sold it was pretty obvious they were buying up cheap products from Zonblasts, for $1-2, then getting them in to FBA and competing with the original product owners. Judging by the variety of products they had available, it’s probably an extremely profitable business model

Zonblast Conclusion

I think that a Zonblast, in a way less competitive niche, will get you to the top and keep you there, after giving away a reasonable number of products.

Despite the huge rankings increase for both BSR and keywords, we didn’t get anywhere near the top, but sales have increased. Only time will tell whether we keep the new sales volume up and if rankings actually stabalise.

The total cost of the Zonblast was $717 + $3000 in product cost, so $3717.

I think that $3717 would have been MUCH better spent running Amazon PPC adverts to the max, at a loss, to drive continuous sales and A/B test sales copy and images to try and increase conversions, which is exactly what I’m going to do with my next product 😀

Please feel free to ask any questions or get me to expand on any details!