Copenhagen – The Happiest Place On Earth

Copenhagen – The Happiest Place On Earth


Copenhagen is continuously voted the happiest place to live in the world. Some attribute this to the social system that takes care of everyone, others say it’s due to the lack of corruption in the government. Definitely 2 things the US and the UK need to learn from. I say it’s because they are quite liberal and put posters of boobs on buses, and pretty much anything else with a large enough surface.

I stayed at the Copenhagen Downtown hostel which was amazing, probably the happiest hostel I’ve ever been to. The people were wonderful, the staff amazing, the bar fantastic, the rooms awesome. No complaints, would definitely go back.

The hostel will hook you up with one of the free walking tours that take place twice a day, so on my last day there, before I caught the train to Hamburg, I gave it a go.

Unfortunately, like most of northern Europe, it was super cloudy and rainy, which totally harshed my mellow.

What was super cool was I got to meet up with some friends who I hadn’t seen since they last gave me a piggy back in Mongolia in 2013!

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