Switzerland, Zurich – Everything Was Closed

Switzerland, Zurich – Everything Was Closed

Switzerland, Zurich - Everything Was Closed 1

After a fantastic time in Vienna, Austria, it was time to get the train again to Zurich, Switzerland. By this point I was really in love with the train and the countryside in this area of the world was beautiful. It was so easy to sit back and let the world go by whilst I read on my Kindle.

Unfortunately, because Europe hates me, when I arrived in Zurich it was another national holiday, so everywhere was closed, again. This really sucked as I was in dire need of some shopping and Mont Bell’s only European shop was here.

I stayed in the Hotel Rothaus which was in the heart of the red light district, but really near the train station, so pros and cons. It was actually near everything so a great launching pad to explore the city, even though everywhere was closed.

Food In Zurich

I’ve been racking my brain to try and remember the restaurant I ate at in Zurich, but I can’t, which is a shame as it was amazing and the staff were incredibly friendly. My biggest takeaway from the Zurich experience, other than don’t go during a national holiday, was I don’t like marrow bone. Never had it before, always up for an adventure, maybe leave this one for the dogs… Everything else was incredibly delicious though.

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