Christopher S. Hyatt – Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot: The Way of the Secret Lover

Christopher S. Hyatt – Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot: The Way of the Secret Lover

I started learning how to read Kabbalistic Tarot using the learnings of Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn about 5 years ago and it’s been an awesome experience. Being a man of science people find it strange that I truly believe in Tarot but the psychological science behind it is solid. At it’s heart it’s just a creative way of approaching a problem or issue from different directions, making you think about the issue at hand differently and creating a story about the process of your concern. So when I saw a book linking Tarot and sex, how could I not read it? 😀

This book turned out to not really be my thing. Essentially it details a series of rituals, for you and your partner to go through over the period of a year, to tap in to the energy of a sacred, sexual, guardian.

Maybe I missed the point because really I only understand how the Kabbalah Tree of Life or Sephiroth can be used to interpret Tarot cards. Possibly to people more in tune with the teachings of the Golden Dawn what’s described and the energies created with the rituals will find more meaning and relevance from the book.

I guess, at the end of the day, I just don’t believe, how ever you spin it, that having ritualistic sex will summon a guardian angel. I did wonder if the rituals and process could possibly create a stronger bond between two lovers than a porno and a bottle of wine, which could be interpreted as a guardian, sexual energy, and maybe. But you’d have to be truly involved with, and believe in, the teachings of the Golden Dawn to get that out of it.

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