After Norway it was a short rail trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, which was a lot of fun. I did the super tourist thing and went on all the tourist buses and boat excursions etc. to see the city.

The city itself was beautiful and the boat tour followed all the canals and even went out in to the sea as it we travelled around the harbour. Prices weren’t quite as bad as Norway but it still felt quite expensive.


Despite all the pictures of food I’ve been posting, I have been mindful of the fact that I’ve just lost a ton of weight and I’m a diabetic. In the Gothenburg old quarter the thing to do is grab a coffee and eat a cinnamon bun. What you’re seeing in the picture is one of the tiny ones, the ones everyone else eats are over 12″ across and about 6″ deep. Whilst I wanted to eat one, I couldn’t bring myself to! I did have a small one though and of course I tried the meatballs, which were nicer than Ikea’s 😉

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