Singapore – Grab Taxi Or Die

Singapore – Grab Taxi Or Die

Singapore - Grab Taxi Or Die 1

Just before Christmas I needed to leave Thailand on a visa run as I’d done my 30 day VOA + Extension so after much humming and harring, as I didn’t really want to leave, the day before I booked a weekend in Singapore! It was pretty awesome.

The first thing I noticed though, getting a taxi was impossible. Very few taxi ranks and even when there were, the taxis came and immediately picked up someone who used Grab Taxi, then departed. This actually resulted in quite a few heated arguments between people in the taxi queues and the Grab Taxi users! Fortunately I’m smart and worked it out! Unfortunately I cheaped out and bought a data only SIM card on arrival so couldn’t activate Grab Taxi as I didn’t have an actual Singapore number. Idiot.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum was undoubtedly the highlight of Singapore. There’s always something interesting about visiting old places of worship, especially ones still in use. The air of reverence they carry is intriguing.

Full of incense and awesome statues, it spanned several floors including one with the Buddha Tooth relic.


Chinatown was suitably awesome. Even more so because I accidentally left my iPhone 6s+ on the table at a street restaurant and when I went back to get it, 30 minutes later, the waiter had rescued it for me!

Clarke Quay

I know, that shirt, awesome isn’t it! Clarke Quay was nice, I like walking so got to walk along the river and around the harbour.

Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens By The Bay was amazeballs. But we went there too late at night so all the inside stuff was closed, leaving us just the outdoor stuff. Which was still amazing. I want to go back next Christmas because I didn’t see any otters!!

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the shopping street, so I decided to get myself a Playstation 4 as it’s a bit more traveller friendly than the XBox One. The Christmas lights were a lot of fun and the food was epic. Singapore is expensive but it’s a fun weekend getaway!

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