sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

We’re using an old version of Upstart, on Centos, to manage stopping and starting our Node.js daemons, and one of the things the script does, like any good deamon, is change the user of the deamon process from root to something more applicable, security and all that 😉 The scripts look a little like this […]

Installing OpenSIPS on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5

We’ve got to set up a SIP Registrar for a fantastic new project that one of our clients recently announced 😉 on RHEL5 so we’re going to trial OpenSIPS, backed with MySQL to see how it performs. There’s a RHEL5 repository mirror here that I’ve mirrored locally. If you don’t know how to create […]

List Contents Of An RPM Package

Often when building RedHat RPM packages I want to make sure that the package built correctly and all the files are present before I actually install the RPM, but I do keep forgetting the command to do this, so here it is for prosperity! rpm -qlp e.g. root@build:/usr/src/redhat/SPECS# rpm -qlp ../RPMS/noarch/servicemap-0.16-1.noarch.rpm /var/www/html/servicemap /var/www/html/servicemap/amq.png /var/www/html/servicemap/amqfail.png /var/www/html/servicemap/amqreportingprov1prov1.png […]

Creating A Local and HTTP RedHat Yum Repository

We’re rolling out a RedHat platform for a major product delivery to a client in the next couple of weeks, which is a great chance for me to build a fresh platform using all the skills I’ve acquired and actually do things properly (TM). We’re using RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 because this is a very […]

rpmdb: Lock table is out of available locker

I had a crazy weird bug today whilst running Puppet on one of our CentOS boxes where no packages were being installed. A quick investigation with yum yielded the following scenario! Id I tried to use yum as root or with sudo it gave the following error .. [idimmu@server ~]$ sudo yum check-update rpmdb: Lock […]