List Contents Of An RPM Package

Often when building RedHat RPM packages I want to make sure that the package built correctly and all the files are present before I actually install the RPM, but I do keep forgetting the command to do this, so here it is for prosperity! rpm -qlp e.g. root@build:/usr/src/redhat/SPECS# rpm -qlp ../RPMS/noarch/servicemap-0.16-1.noarch.rpm /var/www/html/servicemap /var/www/html/servicemap/amq.png /var/www/html/servicemap/amqfail.png /var/www/html/servicemap/amqreportingprov1prov1.png […]

Creating A Local and HTTP RedHat Yum Repository

We’re rolling out a RedHat platform for a major product delivery to a client in the next couple of weeks, which is a great chance for me to build a fresh platform using all the skills I’ve acquired and actually do things properly (TM). We’re using RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 because this is a very […]

rpmdb: Lock table is out of available locker

I had a crazy weird bug today whilst running Puppet on one of our CentOS boxes where no packages were being installed. A quick investigation with yum yielded the following scenario! Id I tried to use yum as root or with sudo it gave the following error .. [idimmu@server ~]$ sudo yum check-update rpmdb: Lock […]