SVN Rolling Back A Commit To A File

I needed to roll back an SVN commit done recently to an init script for one of our daemons, it’s a very easy process! First we need to see what the latest revision number of the file that we want to roll back is Chill:files idimmu$ svn info slee Path: slee Name: slee URL: […]

svn: Aborting commit: remains in conflict

I got this annoying SVN error today, that I hadn’t come across before. Even after resolving the conflict in the file, highlighted by lots of <<<<<<<, I still couldn’t get my commit to work! idimmu@boosh:~/work/systems/trunk/dns$ svn ci -m “new funky domain” svn: Commit failed (details follow): svn: Aborting commit: ‘/home/rus/work/systems/trunk/dns/’ remains in conflict After […]

SVN COPY 502 Bad Gateway error

Our developers were experiencing a weird problem recently with our SVN installation where they couldn’t copy any files in SVN, they would always get the following error svn: COPY of /project/!svn/bc/5121/trunk/path/file.gif: 502 Bad Gateway (https://svn) A quick fix of course would have been to just create a new file and copy the contents but this […]