Rich in Personality: Exploring the Traits of the Wealthy

I subscribe to Chamath Palihapitiya’s Substack What I Read This Week, it’s a weekly dose of a dozen or so interesting links, often related, that he recommends. This week’s newsletter featured a paper published in the British Journal of Psychology titled The rich are different: Unravelling the perceived and self-reported personality profiles of high-net-worth individuals. […]

Why I Bought A Rolex Starbucks

Last year I bought a brand new, Rolex Starbucks. i dont know if you guys have seen the meme of all the gurus saying everyone in america would make it if they just stopped buying starbucks coffee? Moguls like Kevin O’Leary can be very judgemental about people’s coffee habits. Medical schools are advising students […]

HodlBot Review

HodlBot is a self managed crypto index fund. Essentially it maintains a portfolio for you that tracks the top performing crypto projects based on your requirements. In November 2020 I deposited $250 into a crypto exchange and configured HodlBot to manage it using a HODL 10 Index strategy and in the 4 months since the […]