Tomcat HelloWorld Servlet with Eclipse

I’m really trying to get in to this whole Java web development frame of mind, as it’s a bit of fun, a bit of a giggle, and it’s massive in this area of the world! So obviously my first port of call was dusting off Eclipse and kicking out a HelloWorld style Java servlet! I […]

Nexus on Tomcat 5.5 on Ubuntu Hardy

I’m trying out this Continuous Integration fun at the moment. My end game is to get Hudson, Maven and Nexus working together to continuously build and run unit tests against code, which then gets turned in to Deb packages. A new Xen VM will then be created and configured using Puppet which the new Deb […]

Apache2 with SSL and Tomcat5.5 on Ubuntu

One of the newer features to our site is an access control mechanism to force specific paths to only be delivered over SSL when our customers have particularly sensitive data. We already use Apache2 with mod_jk to talk to the Tomcat5.5 instance running our app so the only part left is to enable SSL! First […]

Configuring Tomcat 5.5 and Apache 2 with mod_jk

mod_jk is a conduit between a web server and Tomcat, it supports a variety of web servers including IIS. Using mod_jk to put Apache in front of Tomcat lets you use all the power of Apache (caching, gzip, mod_rewrite, etc) whilst at the same time serving content from Tomcat, also with Ubuntu it’s really easy […]