Build A Business Website In 4 Minutes

Ready to get your WordPress site up and running in minutes? Even if you don’t have a business plan, even if you don’t have a professional UK web design & development firm on payroll, it’s better to start sooner rather than later. You can increase your income by having more value and now is the […]

Google Analytics: The site has not been registered.

In my old blog I had Google Analytics working flawlessly and have several years worth of data showing people searching for SVN or Nagios help 😉 Now I’ve moved to WordPress I wanted to keep using analytics and have had great success using the Google Analyticator plugin with my other blogs so wanted to keep […] moves to WordPress!

As you can tell has undergone a fairly hefty overhaul and is now being managed by WordPress! This offers several advantages to me namely ease of maintenance (someone else is writing the code!!) code i write is now usable by other people learning wordpress properly is a new job/career skill no more lucene bridge! […]