American Diabetes Association – What To Expect When You Have Diabetes

This book is split up in to 170 different questions, questions like: Can I catch diabetes from someone else? Why should I work so hard to improve my blood-sugar level? How will alcohol affect my blood sugar? I easily get overwhelmed with decisions. Would I do better if I had planned meals? Why is fat […]

9 Months In Thailand

My triple entry Thai visa has been used and abused, I’m all out of entries and it’s completely expired so after first coming to Thailand on September 1st 2014, I left for Oslo on May 10th 2015 to meet a friend of mine and for operation Europe! Weightloss I got weighed recently and was down […]

Blood Sugar 101: What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes

Blood Sugar 101 is based on the author’s award winning website and as a newbie to diabetes I found the information in it extremely useful and laid out in a well written and ordered manner. The book is basically a meta analysis of every single scientific paper covering diabetes that Jenny Ruhl has been able […]

Diabetes 2: Diabetes Harder

Last Friday I had my 2nd visit at the hospital with respect to my diabetes diagnosis, this was for a repeat test and some fasting tests for my cholesterol levels. I’d been measuring my blood sugar levels whilst on the treatment and they’ed normalised pretty quickly meaning that I have type 2 diabetes. The results […]

Being A Digital Nomad With Diabetes

One of the reasons I quit my job was because during 2014 I felt ill, a lot. My blood pressure was through the roof and numerous trips to the doctor didn’t really result in any progress. For the past few months I’d get periods of up to a week where I was constantly exhausted, then […]