Diabetes 2: Diabetes Harder

Diabetes 2: Diabetes Harder

Diabetes 2: Diabetes Harder 4

Last Friday I had my 2nd visit at the hospital with respect to my diabetes diagnosis, this was for a repeat test and some fasting tests for my cholesterol levels. I’d been measuring my blood sugar levels whilst on the treatment and they’ed normalised pretty quickly meaning that I have type 2 diabetes. The results of my latest blood test at the hospital confirmed my readings at home, giving me a result of 96 mg/dL.

Fortunately as I’m only type 2 diabetes this means I don’t need to persist with the evening insulin injections and can just take the tablets 3 times a day. There’s also a chance if I can lose more weight and take care of myself this might go away!

My doctor diagnosed my cholesterol results as high, with an LDL of 146 mg/dL. Modern science has kind of rejected the old ideas of good and bad cholesterol though and it’s not the amount of LDL that is the problem, but the size of the LDL molecules and the ratio of HDL to triglycerides that are more important. Unfortunately I don’t know the size of my LDL molecules but my ratio is 2.1 where 2 is perfect so it looks like my cholesterol isn’t that big a deal.

Another thing of note is the diet plan that the hospital provided also goes against modern science, inferring that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat relates to cardiovascular disease, this is simply not true.

I still haven’t been able to exercise but I’ve been maintaining a pretty good ketogenic, low carb diet over the last couple of weeks, only eating eggs, blueberries, avocado and broccoli. There is an obvious blip on 04/24 however after a day out involving several pints of beer, chicken wings and pie!

I’ve included my picture at the top as whilst I have lost a lot of weight, I have lost a ton of muscle, probably due to the diabetes and my body catabolising my muscle for energy. I need to put this muscle back on and get some sunshine as I’m looking rather weak and anaemic right now.

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