Al Ries – The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding

Al Ries – The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding

This book is amazing. A must read for anyone who is branding anything, whether it’s a product, a website or themselves, reading this was like a punch in the face with respect to every branding decision I’ve ever made!

With 22 immutable laws, it’s fairly simple, and entertaining to follow. Each law has examples of failures by companies that ignored the law, then success stories, often against all odds, of companies that followed the law and flourished.

Unfortunately it painted a really obvious picture that my current branding strategy for my latest product is a little floored, but that’s ok, we can adapt and still succeed, just by pivoting a little bit.

There are plenty of slides out there that list the 22 laws, I read them, and they were ok to use moving forwards. But to really understand the depth and necessity of the laws in a branding exercise it’s best to have fully read the book and taken the case studies to heart. It’s fun and a great read. My favourite anecdote was of a toothpaste company, I think the brand was crest, that had more different toothpaste types available than you have teeth in your mouth. Way to weaken your brand identity!

Buy this, read this, it’s awesome.

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