Amazon FBA Seller Meetup Madrid

Amazon FBA Seller Meetup Madrid

My name is Rus and I’m a 7 figure Amazon seller and former CTO of the Amazon tools, AMZTracker and Vipon. I’ve just moved to Madrid, Spain, and am looking to start regular English speaking Amazon FBA Seller meetups in Madrid.

To begin with I’m simply looking to host an informal, round table, meetup in a coffee shop to get to know more Amazon sellers in Madrid and see if we can start to create a community here, as I’m unable to find one to join!

I’ve recently created a Madrid Amazon Seller Meetup Group and will create the first meetup as soon as I prove traction and get a few members! I’ve also created a mailing list, which will be used to announce the first meetup and when the Meetup group actually gets going.

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There is also a Facebook Group here for Amazon Sellers in Madrid to organise future events and discuss the pros and cons of selling on Amazon and to get help and advice.