First Item Sold

First Item Sold I’ve been working on several product niches, following Anton’s Drop Ship Lifestyle system for a few months now, along side all my other projects, and this week I got my first sale so I’m very excited for the future.

Drop Ship Lifestyle has a very vibrant community, both online with their members only forums and in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Anton is based at the moment, and watching everyone else getting results has been extremely motivational for me. However there is nothing like actually getting results yourself and it’s very reassuring to know that the Drop Ship Lifestyle system really does work.

I’m still going to be very busy for the next few weeks whilst I’m preparing to move to Thailand in September as I’m still working my 9-5 until I fly out, but then it’s all systems go and I’ll be able to commit some real time and energy in to the project and start crushing it!

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