Life Changes Quick

Johnny’s last book, 12 Weeks In Thailand is one of the reasons I’m currently here, living it up in Phuket. I flew out almost 12 months after reading it, so when I learned he was launching a new book, Life. Changes. Quick. I bought it as soon as it was out.

I read the book, cover to cover, in just one sitting. It’s only 126 pages long, so not quite Lord Of The Rings, but every page was gripping and inspiring. Documenting Johnny’s journey from living it up in Thailand with no money, no budget and no responsibilities, to creating his own business, losing weight and falling in love, very inspiring.

Starting out with no money, Johnny discovered Chiang Mai, the Punspace and Anton’s Drop Ship Lifestyle method and over the course of a year now generates around $5k in profit a month, easily enough to not just cover his cost of living in Chiang Mai, but to also save money for the future!

Johnny then discovered Crossfit, the paleo diet and bullet proof coffee and explains how combing these things can help you lose weight and also achieve visible abs of your own! As someone who’s done Crossfit, eaten paleo and done bullet proof coffee back in the UK, it was good to see Johnny repeating the same experience I have had. These 3 measures can certainly get you ripped!

Live Changes Quick is motivational and inspirational. Johnny lays out what he did to get where he is and how, if you want, you too can follow in his footsteps. That’s one of the things I like about Johnny, he loves to share how he’s doing and what he’s doing.

I definitely recommend this book if you’re interested in breaking out and making a new life for yourself. Chiang Mai has a fantastic entrepreneurial scene and I will be heading up there in 2 weeks to meet Johnny, the Punspace Drop Ship Lifestyle crew and Anton and get some solid work in at the Drop Ship Lifestyle Thailand Retreat!

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