Mark Manson – Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Mark Manson – Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Mark Manson keeps popping up on Facebook as a suggested friend, as we have many friends in common. I have never met the guy, so I haven’t added him, but I did decide to read his book to see what he was about.

It’s a pretty cool book.

The secret is in the title, the entire book is about being honest with who you are and what you like, then expressing that, honestly, in order to be attractive to women. No secrets, no tricks, just honesty.

Obviously sitting on your ass in a basement isn’t going to help, you actually have to go out and meet women and get over any social anxiety you might have yourself or with a therapist. This book isn’t really about that though, it’s about being authentic to yourself and in a world full of other people’s expectations about how you should be and what goals you should aim for in life, that can be kind of hard to do for some. Confidently expressing who you are, even harder.

It’s a fun read and full of little pieces of advice that resonated. I’m terrible at deep introspection but it was good to read his advice which helped trigger lots of memories and recollections I have from when I am authentic to my core beliefs.

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