Living It Up In Chiang Mai

Four Seasons Chiang Mai

As everyone at the Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat had such an incredible week, Anton and Johnny wanted to show everyone how they celebrate reaching their sales goals for the month and took us all to the Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai. Apparently it costs between $400 – $800 a night to stay there, but for 1500 – 2000 Baht (£30 – £40) you can spend the day there which includes a buffet lunch and, if you wish, a never ending supply of drinks.

Four Seasons, Chiang Mai

The resort consisted of a series of infinity pools and beautiful bamboo huts on stilts, surrounding a simulated, rural Thai farming village, complete with rice paddies, a huge lake and water buffalo! It was beautiful. Relaxing here was easy as we all grabbed a seat on the sofas (which were suspended from the ceiling) and chilled out to the awesome music they were playing.

The buffet lunch was phenomenal and you were also able to eat off the a la carte menu too so lots of steak and chicken tikka was flying around the table along side salads, pastas, fruits and the most amazing Crêpe Suzette which featured it’s own cooking team!

You have to be careful when sitting down though, as the initial glass of champagne isn’t complimentary with the 1500 Baht (£30) price of entry and buffet. It is part of the 500 Baht (£10) drink as much as you like menu addition, which none of us realised. For the most part everyone was “behaving” but when we realised, at the end of the buffet, we’d all paid for unlimited alcohol, even those of us like myself who weren’t drinking decided to double stack a few delicious Lychee Martinis!

As relaxing as the Four Seasons was, I wouldn’t want to visit too often as portion control went completely out the window. The food was absolutely amazing though and the scenery idyllic.

Chiang Mai Night Market And Bazaar

As it was a Sunday the Chiang Mai night market was in full swing so we couldn’t not go.

Chiang Mai is a walled city and the market seemed to completely fill the walled area as well as sprawling out the gates, it felt much larger than Phuket’s night market and there was a lot more available.

The food was delicious, more meat on sticks, donuts and noodles

Rooftop Bar, Chiang Mai

After we’d walked round the market we headed off to the Rooftop Bar at Toto, of Dropship Kickstart, was having a leaving party. The Rooftop Bar offered an amazing view of the walled area of Chiang Mai as well as the market itself and reminded me a lot of the parties and festivals I used to do with the Poi Passion crew back in the UK! No shoes allowed, everything was vegetarian and there was lots of awesome neon, psychedelic graffiti all over the walls

Now, after a fantastic week with the Dropship Lifestyle army I fly back to Phuket later today for another 6 weeks of solid training, not drinking, healthy eating and a lot of work. I will definitely have to come back to Chiang Mai as it is an amazing place.

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