Places To Eat Near Tiger Muay Thai

There are a lot of places to eat around Tiger Muay Thai, all selling healthy things to eat. There are a quite a few cheap, small restaurants and shacks selling traditional Thai food and I think every hotel probably has it’s own restaurant too. The hotels are more expensive though.

Most places sell some variety of steak or chicken breast with vegetables and brown rice, which is the healthy go to food in the area. I enjoy mixing it up with some traditional Thai dishes though, like Pad Ka-Prao (minced chicken with chilis and Thai holy basil). You must remember to say no sugar please when you order else all your healthy eating and hard work will be for nowt!

Below are a selection of the places I’ve eaten at, around Tiger Muay Thai, as well as photos of the various dishes I’ve had.


Tony’s is currently my favourite restaurant on the street. It’s one of the cheapest, with each dish costing 60 – 80 Baht (£1.20 – £1.60) and it also has the most variety of food available, from healthy grilled or steamed chicken or steak (seriously, they do a steamed chicken breast salad!) to traditional Thai dishes.

For breakfast I’ve been having museli with fruit and yogurt, a small bottle of water and a black coffee, all for 100 Baht (£2). For lunch and dinner I usually get the BBQ chicken with vegetables and rice for 80 Baht (£1.60) and then a Thai dish on the side, such as Pad Ka-Prao or the delicious chicken and pineapple curry. Along with a large bottle of water my lunch or dinner comes around to 160 Baht (£3). Eating 3 times a day at Tony’s can cost you under £8 which is pretty good. Tony’s also has free WiFi with several access ponts.

Signature Phuket

I’m staying in the Signature Hotel and I’ve eaten a lot of food here 😉 It’s probably one of the more expensive restaurants on the street because it’s attached to a hotel and it’s also one of the more expensive hotels. If I’m eating here it’s probably because I’m ill so my food choices are more for comfort.

The Signature VIP burger comes with chips and costs 100 Baht (£2). A plate of fruit here costs about 90 Baht (£1.80) the same dish at Tony’s costs around 30 Baht. When I was having breakfast here the price was hovering around 200-240 Baht (£4-£5) so now I’ve got my barings I try not to eat in the hotel.

Muscle Bar

Probably the most expensive place on the street is the Muscle Bar, but it’s for a reason. It’s also probably the healthiest place on the street and does a few things no one else does.

As well as being a cafe the Muscle Bar offers a service that measures your body fat percentage and overall body composition, they then offer a meal plan, with the calorific content depending on your base metabolic rate, goals and calorific need. The meal plan costs depend on how many calories you eat a day, and offers 3 meals and several snacks a day, but nothing on Sunday. The person I spoke to suggested I’d be paying around £400 a month for their meal plan, which for me is too much at the moment.

They are also opening a gym up opposite, with a goal of offering a combined personal training and meal plan, which I am quite interested in.


The other hotel I’ve stayed in, 2Home, does fantastic food as the chef used to work in 5* hotels in Bangkok. My favourite dish is undoubtedly Nasi Goreng, but they are all great. Cheaper than Signature but more expensive than Tonys, I’ll definitely eat here when I stay there again, despite it being across the street from Tonys, simply because the food is probably the tastiest on the street!

Tiger Muay Thai

Most people that come to Tiger Muay Thai for the first time get the meal time and personally I think that’s a great idea. It works out to about £250 a month for 2 meals a day, which errs on the expensive side for the area, but not by much. Whilst they don’t mention calories or macros, the food at Tiger Muay Thai is delicious, it’s filling and I am testament to how easy it is to lose weight eating it! Free WiFi is also available!

Normally I opt for some form of steak or chicken breast and brown rice, but they also do burgers and pizzas using a wholewheat dough.

Ali’s BBQ

I LOVE ALI’S BBQ. Ali’s Persian BBQ is amazing. They have all kinds of grilled meat and steaks and lots of healthy fruits and salads. It’s also the furthest restaurant away from Tiger Muay Thai (which isn’t saying much ..) and quite expensive unless you can control yourself. I always end up paying around 600 Baht (£12) because I eat so damn much when I go!

Koko Hut

The pizza at Koko Hut is like crack, which is just as well as they were finalists in a national pizza competition recently! Their Pad Ka-Prao is also delicious. The first time I ate it here I had to pick out all the chilis but now it’s not a problem!

Bamboo Hut

The Bamboo Hut (I don’t think it has an actual name..) is one of the cheapest places on the street. Most dishes are 50 Baht (£1) each, and then rice is an additional 10 Baht (20p). I usually don’t get the rice and have 2 main dishes instead so it’s easy to come away full, having eaten 2 plates of meat, for about £2!


The restaurant attached to the Anchan Hotel is even more expensive than Signature. They have a larger range but with all the other options on the street I see no reason to go there. Not even for their 20% off Steak Night on Fridays. Even with 20% off it’s still more expensive than everywhere else!

The Rich House

The Rich House is a mid priced restaurant that serves mostly Thai food. It stands out because it doesn’t really focus on healthy, so you can order Pad Thai with crispy pork, or just a huge plate of crispy pork if you’re so inclined. They also have free WiFi!

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