Silent Hill

Silent Hill

There’s an awesome game console emulator for the Mac called OpenEmu which lets you play games across a dozen or so old school consoles so for Christmas my parents bought me a Sony Playstation 3 Dual Shock controller as they work with Macs and one of my mates bought it up when I went to visit Chiang Mai!

I’ve always wanted to play Silent Hill as it’s supposed to be extremely creepy. The OpenEmu lets you emulate Playstation games, and Silent Hill was flawless. I like old school games and consoles (before they were just PCs in a box) so over the last month bought a PSOne, Silent Hill and a bunch of random other stuff off EBay as investments. They were all sourced well under market rate and should only go up in price. They’re also pretty awesome!

Fortunately I wasn’t disappointed. Some of the puzzles were incredibly hard and I had to refer to a walkthrough several times and after my second time playing in to the night I definitely slept with a light on. The 2 Silent Hill movies also made a lot more sense now and I noticed tons of little things from the game in them that I hadn’t realised before.

I am now jonesing to play Silent Hill 2 on the PS2, but haven’t managed to get the PCSX2 emulator to work yet.

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