How I’m Training At Tiger Muay Thai For Under $1500 A Month

I’ve been training at Tiger Muay Thai and living and eating on ‘the street’ for 5 months now and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how much it costs, where to stay, what to eat and what’s there to do, etc. Especially when compared to the costs of living in Chiang Mai! I’ve […]

Completed A Muay Thai Class

Ok it doesn’t sound that impressive, but yesterday I completed the entire 2 1/2 hour Muay Thai class for the first time after a week of training. I’m really pleased as it was a hot day and by the first hour mark I was still feeling fresh. Now I know what to expect in order […]

First Thai Massage

I had my first private, 1-2-1 Muay Thai lesson today which was really awesome. Tiger Muay Thai charge 5500 THB for a bundle of 10 private lessons, which works out to 550 THB a lesson, or roughly £10.50, which is great value as it costs that much to join a class back in the UK! […]

How To Prevent Ringworm

All over the Internet there are dozens of posts on Muay Thai and MMA forums of fighters going down with Ringworm and other fungal infections. Most people who have trained long enough will have come in to contact with someone else that has Ringworm and possibly had it themselves. The first time I caught it […]

Stupid Fungal Infections

Yesterday was Muay Thai lesson number 2, I managed to get through 90 minutes of it and it was totally awesome. We started off with running then drills again. I’ve found hanging at the back of the class is the best place as whilst doing the drills you have more access to the trainers so […]

The Smell Of A Figher

Is Dettol. You can smell it everywhere like cheap perfume or aftershave and it’s an instant giveaway that someone is training in one of the many fight camps along the road. It’s a necessary evil though as it’s recommended to wash all clothes and training equipment in Dettol or another anti-bacterial solution in order to […]