Hiring A Bike At Tiger Muay Thai

There are dozens of places around Tiger Muay Thai that hire bikes/scooters/mopeds. Most hotels do it, Tiger Muay Thai does it, and there are a few independent places on the street that specialise in it. I hired a bike from 2Home when I was staying there, naively, and paid 2000 THB (£40) for a weeks […]

Primal Fitness Gym

A new gym has opened up on Soi Tad-eid called Primal Fitness, owned by the same people that run Unit 27. This now makes 4 gyms on the street, including Tiger Muay Thai’s, Unit 27’s small gym area and Titan Fitness. Primal Fitness is the best gym here however, hands down. Primal Fitness only has […]

How I’m Training At Tiger Muay Thai For Under $1500 A Month

I’ve been training at Tiger Muay Thai and living and eating on ‘the street’ for 5 months now and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how much it costs, where to stay, what to eat and what’s there to do, etc. Especially when compared to the costs of living in Chiang Mai! I’ve […]

Tiger Muay Thai’s New Gym

When I first arrived at Tiger Muay Thai back in September, the indoor, air conditioned gym had been turned in to a BJJ hall and all the gym equipment had been moved outside, whilst construction on a new, larger gym was underway. The gym equipment was getting pretty weathered and people were lifting with gloves […]

How To Properly Clean Boxing Gloves

This week has been pretty interesting. Now that I’m settled in to an actual routine and have made some friends I’ve been capitalising on the free time I have and making more of it. At least when we’re not in the middle of a torrential rain storm. How To Properly Clean Boxing Gloves The guys […]

Big Buddha Run #1

Every Tuesday morning Tiger Muay Thai organises a run to the Big Buddha in Phuket. The run is 4.2 km / 2.6 miles long and up hill all the way. You actually climb 1207 feet / 367 meters during the run, it’s hard. The record is something like 24 minutes! I did it in just […]

September BBQ Beatdown

The last Saturday of every month, Tiger Muay Thai hosts a BBQ Beatdown. 500 THB in advance, or 700 THB on the door, it’s a pretty cool party with free BBQ, beers and fights! Due to the preparations the only class is Muay Thai on the beach, at 8am. This felt like more fun than […]

Completed A Muay Thai Class

Ok it doesn’t sound that impressive, but yesterday I completed the entire 2 1/2 hour Muay Thai class for the first time after a week of training. I’m really pleased as it was a hot day and by the first hour mark I was still feeling fresh. Now I know what to expect in order […]

First Thai Massage

I had my first private, 1-2-1 Muay Thai lesson today which was really awesome. Tiger Muay Thai charge 5500 THB for a bundle of 10 private lessons, which works out to 550 THB a lesson, or roughly £10.50, which is great value as it costs that much to join a class back in the UK! […]