September BBQ Beatdown

Muay Thai On The Beach

The last Saturday of every month, Tiger Muay Thai hosts a BBQ Beatdown. 500 THB in advance, or 700 THB on the door, it’s a pretty cool party with free BBQ, beers and fights!

Due to the preparations the only class is Muay Thai on the beach, at 8am. This felt like more fun than training as we were taken down to the local beach, riding in the back of pickup trucks, or a bus, then did some Muay Thai practice on the sand before heading in to the sea for a swim.

There were 8 fights last night, 6 Muay Thai and 2 MMA although I didn’t see all of them as I was super tired due to having a routine of getting up at 6am and going to bed at 10pm. Also the first beer in a month went straight to my head!

The fights were ‘smoker’ fights, i.e. amateurs who need experience of being punched in the face, rather than pro fights, but they were still really good and congratulations are in order to everyone that stepped in the ring. I’m going to have a word with my trainer next week and see if I can participate at the end of November as I think the fights are open to anyone of any level, even complete beginners!

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