Primal Fitness Gym

Primal Fitness Gym

A new gym has opened up on Soi Tad-eid called Primal Fitness, owned by the same people that run Unit 27. This now makes 4 gyms on the street, including Tiger Muay Thai’s, Unit 27’s small gym area and Titan Fitness. Primal Fitness is the best gym here however, hands down.

Primal Fitness only has one squat rack, which is a major let down, 2 would have been nice, fortunately I haven’t seen more than 2-3 other people in the gym at the same time so far and I’ve only had to wait once.

They have a full range of Hammer Strength machines for every exercise you’d want, but no assisted chin up/pull up machine. Also there are no resistance bands in the actual gym, only at Unit 27.

The 2 reasons Primal Fitness is the best gym on the street is pretty simple. First, quality of equipment, the equipment in Tiger Muay Thai feels like the cheapest they could find and benching can be scary at times due to the amount the bench wobbles. Secondly, the range of equipment, whilst having a similar range to Tiger, Primal outclasses Titan with whats available.

Primal Fitness is 2,500 THB (£50) for a month which is about the same that Titan and Tiger are charging.